Leisure Street Winery | Livermore, CA

Harvest Host: Leisure Street Winery | Livermore, CA

When my husband and I purchased an RV, it was with the understanding that we were not looking for the ordinary experience of staying at an RV park where you’re two feet away from your neighbor with tons of people roaming around…that’s not to say that a situation like that isn’t right for a family or a couple looking for the social aspect of camping, it’s just not the experience we envisioned for ourselves.

While doing some research on dry camping {aka dispersed camping or boondocking}, I came across a site called Harvest Hosts that seemed like a perfect fit for our vision of camping. Harvest Hosts {HH} is a membership program that invites self-contained RVers to experience unique overnight stays at over two thousand {and quickly growing} distinctive business locations across the United States. There is a annual fee to join Harvest Hosts, at the time of this print the fee was $99 {search for discount codes, there are usually some floating out there}, but the good news is that the HH locations do not charge a fee to stay at their property.

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